Steering Group

The Steering Group was formed in December 2011 following a public appeal from the Parish Council for volunteers . The group is chaired by Ben Hogan and works closely with the Parish Council. Members of the group are listed below. Our thanks go to everyone who has been involved in the development of the Plan over the last 5 years.

Claire Hassell
Chairman, Barwick in Elmet and Scholes Parish Council

Ben Hogan
Chairman, Barwick in Elmet and Scholes Neighbourhood Plan

Team Members
Brian Hallas
David Gluck
Geoff Yapp
Jacque Ward
Jenny Matthewson
Keith Langley
Keith Pullen
Martin Rogers
Michael Johnson
Neil Beaumont
Philip Maude
Stella Walsh

Photography and design
John Fergusson
Cranberry Marketing

Original Members

The Steering group was formed in December 2011 following an appeal from the Parish Council for volunteers who had skills or experience that they would be willing to use or share in the development of a Neighbourhood Plan.  Ben Hogan, Chair of the PC at the time, agreed to chair the group. Representatives from Barwick in Elmet and Scholes came forward and at times worked as separate groups but predominantly as one group. Over time many original volunteers ceased to be involved and some others joined in.

Representing Barwick in Elmet Representing Scholes

Claire Hassell  
Geoff Yapp 

Ben Hogan
George Hall
Neil Beaumont         Gerry McDonough
Julie Burrow Matt Baker
Elaine Jeffers Susanna Fieldhouse
Carole Clark Julian Kelly
Kath Ashcroft Howard Claxton
Robert Allwood Michael Johnson
Janet Allwood Paul Remmer
Will Armstrong Julie Brady
Simon Banks Ayman Sheltawy
Eric Bennett Jenifer Matthewson
Phil Bradshaw Christine Clegg
Martin Rogers Brian Hallas
Glyn Davies Keith Pullen
Richard Fenton Gordon Dalby
Angela Howgate Richard Green
Vicki Jackson Karen Dales
Steve Kettlewell Susan Glover
Linda Mamara Jon Bliss
Andrew McMahon Roger Mawson
Ian Richardson Gill Sinclair
Nigel Trotter
Alan Stanley
Louise Ward
D Wray
John Wright