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Statement of Community Involvement

Barwick in Elmet and Scholes Parish Council adopted a Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) in February 2012.  The decision to sponsor a Neighbourhood Plan following the enactment of the Localism Act 2011 required a specific document to be drawn up.

The Objectives and Principles of the SCI

To enhance and promote an inclusive society by engaging and consulting with residents, businesses and groups prior to and when making decisions which affect the economy, environment and social well-being of the Parish.

To maintain the rural identities of the villages and settlements within the historic boundary area and do everything possible to protect the greenbelt and surrounding countryside. 

To ensure that the views and concerns of residents are given due consideration and to engage and represent residents in communicating with  Leeds City Council through elected ward members and officers of that authority. Such representations shall be made seeking to support and enhance the quality of life generally for all ages, especially the young and elderly and all ethnicities.

To engage with all other stakeholders including statutory and other service providers with a view to encouraging investment and to ensure best practice is afforded to those living and working in the Parish.
To use every means available to ensure all residents are given the opportunity to comment on all issues and to demonstrate a commitment to consult with the community at large. 

Engagement with Parishioners and other Stakeholders

The Neighbourhood Plan (NP) will be researched by a group of local residents who have all volunteered their services and their expertise.

Progress with the NP will be reported to every meeting of the Parish Council, that report will be included in the minutes of the meeting and available initially on Parish Noticeboards and long term on the website  A progress report will appear in the quarterly Parish Council Magazine.

Consultation Events will be held in both Barwick and Scholes to demonstrate progress and to encourage comment and opinion from all residents and the details of these events will be circulated to every residence, displayed on the web site and on all available notice boards.

Every attempt will be made to ensure reports and publicity appear in local newspapers and also on parish and other local media such as ‘the village people’.

Surveys and Questionnaires will be distributed to every residence to gather the views and opinions of residents.  A Questionnaire may be specifically tailored for a particular group e.g. young people, businesses.

Leeds Planning Department will be consulted on the progress of the NP and their assistance and advice will be sought. 
The NP will be submitted to all neighbouring Parishes, Leeds City Council, Ward Councillors  Statutory Stakeholders, local clubs and associations for comment. 

The NP Group is tasked to provide a Statutory Planning Document that will be adopted by Leeds City Council and will have to be considered for every planning application submitted.  The priorities are to ensure protection of Greenbelt and Greenspace, the pleasant local environment and to ensure any development is appropriate.